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Licht is a horror game developped for the Asylum’s Game Jam 2017 by the Legion Team.

You play as an engineer responsible for checking the operation of a submarine base before the arrival of the team of researchers who will use it. You have to fix an electricity problem in one of the rooms and you make a macabre discovery on the way. The rescue team will take some time to reach you and strange leaks require your attention, threatening to flood the base. However, this is only one of the threats you will have to face. 


Survive in this hostile base by turning on lights, plugging leaks and seeing what is ahead of you with a point of view independent from your on-screen character.

Graphics Preview

Main Menu

Main Menu

Main Character's creation

Main Character's Creation



Game Over

Game Win


Producer : Raphaël Isnard

Graphists : Romain Navazo ; Danton Slip ; Jeremy Philips ; Meghan Martin

Developper : Suliac Blineau ; Thibault Baron ; Thomas Francisco

Sound Designer : Marc Enciso ; Robin Richard

Game Designer : Alison Pernet ; Eva Abollivier ; Margot Mathieu 


V1.4.rar 107 MB
Licht_1.5.rar 112 MB

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